You and the invaders take turns placing pieces on a game board. These can be white or black pieces, or icons representing one of your earth heroes battling an icon representing an annoying earth invader. If one color surrounds checkers of another color in a straight line or on a diagonal, then that color can flip the checker of the other color to that player's color. The winner has the most checkers of their own color at the end of the game.

You might think that winning a 1 vs. 1 game vs the computer putting pieces on the board at random should be easy, shouldn't it? That is why you can choose to have one, two, three, or four invaders drop during each turn. That is a true invasion. You will need all your wits to handle the horde of invaders!

The invaders can take many forms. If you don't want to play the standard black or white pieces, you can choose aliens, robots, cyborgs, bugs, or bad vibes, man (an army of frowns). For your defending force, you can choose icons for human men, a human women, dogs, cats, some good vibes (smiles), or world peace in general.