Item Price Quantity
Pencils $0.19
Spiral Notebooks $1.18
Comic Books $2.19
Sociology textbook $79.99
History textbook (used) $25.69
Business Theory textbook $175.96


Now you need to buy some clothes to look cool at school.
But I am not sure how cool you are.

What are you wearing right now?

Business Casual
Vintage concert T-shirt
T-shirt and jeans
Plain white T-shirt and jorts
Parachute pants

OK, now for your fashion needs, choose from the following list

Item Price Quantity
Webstore designer shirt $16.99
Webstore designer jeans $45.79
Cargo shorts $28.94
Sneakers $12.89
Doc Martens $85.97
Webstore designer baseball caps $20.49


Now you need some snacks and drinks for your next party.
Choose from the following:

Item Price Quantity
Chips $0.99
Six-pack of Jolt Cola: all the sugar and twice the caffeine $2.99
12-pack of beer $4.99
Sushi - Webstore Roll $15.97
Box of Cheese-its $3.49
Pretzels $1.79

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