This is a web page where you can read things I have written.

I am an aspiring/wanna-be writer. I am working on a novel right now, so that takes up a lot of my spare time (besides designing this web site). I hope to fill this page up with short stories and assorted sundry creative works. But for now, I'll inflict these items upon the literary public at large. And I hope that you will read them, because you are not just going to look at that cool triangle below without checking out any of the links.

Scattertime: A team from the 23rd century was sent back in time in a malfunctioning time machine to stop aliens from infiltrating a refreshing beverage.

Sleeperhold: A professional wrestling fan discovers that his devotion can haunt his dreams.

Georgia-Lina: A classic rock DJ struggles to cope with the changes of the industry and of life.

The Visitor: A blogger must confront the consequences of his online bluster can cost him.

Cornerstone memories
These are some pieces I have written about my journeys to the Cornerstone Festival, an annual arts, music, and film festival in Illinois held over the Fourth of July weekend every year. These articles cover the years shown in the links.